Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Collections on Display

It used to be that you bought CDs.

You might put them on nice shelves, perhaps somewhere where your friends would see, where you could have conversations about albums you liked.

Then we moved to putting our music on our little portable devices. We might share something to someone sometimes, put up a youtube link or some such, but for us, everything is digital. We don't really pay attention to the CDs on our shelves.

Bandcamp has made an new upgrade to their website.

If I love something enough to pay for it, I want the world to know. I want to hang those shiny little album covers on my little wall and say 'Hey, look what I have. Look at what you should have too.'
Bandcamp has made a way for everyone to see the music that you love, and for you to show off your collection. They've made collecting music in to something much more than sticking an album in your  mp3 player.

With the way that social media is, it's easy to click something to say you like it. You might even share it to your friends.
But it takes a real love of something to pay money for it, to say that you not only like this, but you want the people making this to make more of this in the future and you're willing to throw money at them to ensure it happens.

Bandcamp has over the years impressed me with their sensible approach to music. A lot of things they do make sense, as an artist looking to spread their music. But this new upgrade has made me excited to discover new music, as a fan.


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