Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Hero is Usopp.

Whenever I feel like nobody cares about my efforts, and how spending the evening playing Idolm@ster will be no different than spending it doing sit-ups and vocal exercises, I think of my unsung heros.

No one looks at them to save the day, no one expects them to defeat the big baddy, and no one really appreciates all the things that they do for others.

But they keep at it because they have their own dreams, they have their own goals, and to them, they are the Hero of their story, even if no one else thinks that they are.

My Hero Usopp will probably never get to be the main focus on a poster or a bottle of ramune. The most he might hope for is to get to stand behind Luffy.

But Usopp has battled alongside Giants, he has held his own against monsters, he has become a fierce masked hero, and he is the one behind the flag that is the soul of the Mugiwara Pirates.

Isn't there something you should be doing now?

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