Q & A  Section! 

Some times we get questions that are pretty common, or subjects we feel people might be interested in, so we've collected them here for people who don't want to dig through all the blog posts. =w=~
If you've ever a question you'd like to ask us, you can comment here, or on one blog posts, and we'll maybe get around to answering them!

Q. Do you ever sleep? 

Q. What are some of your favorite games?

Q. Have you ever considered working with anyone other than Ultraklyston? 

Q. Who takes the pictures on your blog, CD and Single covers?

Q. Should I ever bother commenting? Or is this the kind of blog that the writer never responds to comments?

Q. Are you ok with fan covers, amv's or remixes? I'd like to do something but I don't want to offend.

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