Sunday, November 18, 2012

Moving on

Q. Have you ever considered working with anyone other than Ultraklyston? 

A. Actually, it's funny that I'm being asked that, since Cor Leonis might be the last album that I work with Karl on for quite some time.

Between Nurse Hella's album, my album, school work, and personal obligations, it's taken over a year to get some of the wheels rolling on his side for Cor Leonis, and our schedules seem to be matching up less and less.

I think our only immediate plans are to finish up Cor Leonis, finish up all our Kickstarter obligations, and re-tune Electric Sheep for a re-release. And then we'll be done for a while, as we both have a lot of real world things to take care of. Not to mention that we both need a break for a while after our hard work!

I'll probably be looking at doing some projects and shopping around for other bands/beatmasters/producers to work with in the next year. It'll be weird to not be working with Karl on any specific thing anymore, after 6+ years, but I think that we're both in different places right now, with different priorities on music and life. We might get back together after things have settled down, but we can't promise a 3rd album any time soon.

It's interesting to think of what other genres to expand in to, I'd be excited about doing rock or electropop or other things I've never even thought about.

Whatever happens, I'm sure I'll always be connected to music.

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