Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I like frivolous things.

Some times the balance between liking the odd things you like, and worrying about what people will think of you is difficult.

When you do music as a girl, one of the first backhanded compliments you will get is that you get attention because of how you look, not because of your talent.

It's like the world can't handle the thought that someone with talent isn't serious business all the time. Or that if girls with musical pursuits like frivolous things, they obviously got to where they did by looking like a girl and making the world aware of it.

Yes, some girls get mostly naked to show off their new jewelry or tattoos or socks.
But it's hard to tell people you're not one of those girls without feeling like you're participating in slut shaming.
I'm always torn between defending people's rights to get mostly naked on the internet, and not wanting my talent to be judged on the same grade as my physical appearance.

There are times when people will be cruel to you because you are pretty, because you're not pretty enough, because you aren't playing within the bounds of not getting more attention than them, because you have something special within you that you want to make shine brighter than the sun.

It takes time to learn that these people are cruel to you because they are looking for things that prove to them that you aren't any better than they are.
That they feel so mediocre that they need to feel like they're better than you, that they're better than your talent, and that you're nothing special.
And sometimes it just comes down to the argument that you aren't special because you like frills, you like sparkly things, and you like adorable things. Because your closet is filled with trendy clothes and things that make you happy, they seize on this as a reason to discount whatever talents you may have.

Well, I write vapid pop music, and I like ridiculous and frivolous things, and I refuse to feel bad about buying a spiked bracelet with sparkly fake jewels embedded in it.

I mean, have you seen my new bracelet? Shit looks badass.

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  1. >> but at the same time you shouldn't sell yourself short like you aren't attractive or that it isn't a positive. Haters gonna hate? Besides your subject matter on songs are already frivolous, and that's part of the reason your fanmade likes your music. Just do what you want to do. Your talents and personality shine through out all of it.